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Madara/Sasuke fanfic

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Apr. 9th, 2008 | 09:48 am
mood: fabulous

Title: Get Bent (Madara strikes back)
Series/Pairing: Naruto,  Madara/Sasuke
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 804

A/N: warning: this was written by three excited yaoi fangirls on the train from Brussels to Ghent after an anime convention.

Disclaimer: we do not own Naruto nor do we make any profit from this story. We just like Uchiha smut :p

The dekentje: Dutch word for blanket
Ochinchin: a Japanese word for penis

Major SPOILER warning for chapter 396!

Get Bent (Madara strikes back)

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away in Madara’s evil lair. Sasuke woke up feeling disoriented.

Enter Madara. Blah blah Itachi blah

Madara takes off his mask. Surprise: Madara bishie!

“I can go at it for 5 days.”

Sasuke: Le gasp!

Madara slowly crawled up to Sasuke who backed away till he hit the wall dun dun dun

“Don’t come near me, you bastard! Get bent!”

“I’d rather you get bent.”

Madara threw a suggestive look at Sasuke.

“Uh oh, I’m in trouble.”

“Nuff said, let’s get to the action. Get on your knees, bitch.”

Sasuke looked completely flabbergasted.

“I said: get on your knees!”

Madara grabbed Sasuke’s hair and yanked him to his ochinchin. Sasuke struggled to get free, but Madara backhanded him. Madara ripped off his own clothes and Sasuke’s.

‘Now suck! And no teeth or else you’ll regret it!”

Sasuke complied and Madara fucked his mouth. Sasuke gagged on Madara’s impressive length, who thrust violently and soon came all over Sasuke’s face. He then threw him on the dekentje. The younger Uchiha landed with a thump on his back and whipped his sticky face clean. Madara grinned with a lustful look on his face. Sasuke made a run for the door, but Madara grabbed him and threw him back on the dekentje.

“Prepare yourself or it will rrrr-really hurt. Mwahahaha! And make it look good!”

Sasuke knew it would be better to oblige and sucked on his fingers. He blushed when he slowly trailed his moist fingers down his body. Remembering he had to put up a show he played with his nipples and pinched one. He gasped.

His hand moved further down. He started pumping it and simultaneously started to prepare himself with his other hand. He slowly inserted one finger. Sasuke inserted another finger and began stretching his puckered hole. Madara was looking with a lewd look on his face and licked his lips in anticipation. He was going to enjoy fucking Sasuke raw!

Sasuke moaned as he continued scissoring himself. Madara approached Sasuke: "You moan like a wanton whore, Sasuke!" Madara couldn't control his desire any longer and grabbed the other Uchiha. He forced Sasuke on his hands and knees, pushing him face forward on the dekentje and pressed his knee between Sasuke's legs, spreading them.

Madara licked Sasuke’s butt cheeks and plunged his tongue in Sasuke's tight virgin hole. Sasuke gasped at the alien feeling and began to buck his hips. Madara swirled his tongue and ravished Sasuke’s hole for all it was worth.

Seeing Sasuke's reactions, Madara couldn't wait any longer. He wanted Sasuke here and now! Madara withdrew his tongue and replaced it with his much bigger penis. In one swift thrust he filled Sasuke to the hilt making him cry out in pain! Without pausing, Madara began fucking Sasuke at a slow pace. When he hit his sweet spot Sasuke moaned loudly. Madara gripped Sasuke’s erect member and began pumping it in time with his thrusts.

Sasuke felt himself nearing release when Madara suddenly stopped his actions. He whimpered at the loss of feeling. He felt ashamed of himself, he couldn't believe he was actually enjoying this. Why had Madara stopped?!

Madara smirked and said with a husky voice: “Did you like that Sasuke?”

Panting hard, Sasuke whispered a quiet 'yes'.

“What was that? I can't hear you!! Speak louder or I'll have to hurt you.” To emphasize his words Madara spanked Sasuke’s butt hard.

Getting even more aroused Sasuke shouted a hoarse ‘yes’. “Please, I want some more!”

Madara laughed and obliged. He started thrusting into Sasuke again and revelled in the moans that tumbled from his lips. Madara kept up a fast speed and Sasuke felt he wouldn't last long any more. He came all over the dekentje. Sasuke's muscles clenched around Madara's cock, triggering his release. He emptied himself completely and pulled out. Exhausted they collapsed on the dirty dekentje. After a few minutes, Madara regained his breath and got up.

He looked at Sasuke who was still panting and laughed cruelly.

“Well Sasuke, this was nice, you’re a good fuck. Your brother was still better though.” Sasuke’s head jerked up and he looked shocked as Madara grabbed his clothes and walked away with a big grin on his face.



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